How to Get a Hand Pay on a Slot Machine


how to get a hand pay on a slot machine

In the gambling industry, a hand pay refers to any winning combination of symbols on a slot machine that results in a jackpot exceeding a casino’s maximum payout limit. When this occurs, the slot machine’s system will lock up and a member of casino staff must manually pay out the patron in cash. This manual payout is commonly known as a “hand pay.” In casinos that use ticket in, ticket out (cashless) systems, a hand pay can be caused by communication or other issues with the ticket printer, or it can simply mean that there are not enough coins in the machine’s hopper to make a full payment.

The most common reason for a hand pay is that the winning combination pays out more than the maximum allowable taxable jackpot, which varies depending on casino policies. Most US jurisdictions set this number at $1,200, and while there have been attempts to raise it, it will probably not change anytime soon. When a hand pay occurs, the lights on the top of the machine will flash and perhaps music or bells will play, and a slot attendant will arrive to verify the win and pay out the prize.

Once the slot attendant has verified that the winning combination is legitimate, they will take the machine’s coin tray and hopper contents and give them to the patron, who will then present them to a cashier for payment. The cashier will typically require the patron to provide identification, tax ID number information, and other pertinent details before releasing the funds. The casino will then prepare and file IRS forms for the patron, if applicable.

Many people have been known to become intoxicated after a large slot win, especially when they receive a hand pay. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a plan in place for what you will do after the win. This should include where you will go and what you will do with the money after it is in your hands. It is also a good idea to have a trusted friend or family member nearby to help you with this process, and to keep them close throughout the day following the hand pay.

When you do win a hand pay, be sure to tip the person who brings it to you. In the United States, this will be a casino floor attendant. In most cases, you will want to tip at least $20, and in some casinos, this may be higher. For larger wins, it is customary to tip between 3-10 percent of the jackpot. This is an excellent way to show the casino employee that you appreciate their work and are happy with their service. The tips will help them feel better about their job, and it will also ensure that they will continue to do good work in the future. Getting a hand pay is always an exciting experience! It’s not something that everyone will get, but it’s definitely worth it if you do happen to hit one.